Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sign of old age

I had forgotten that I had signed up for a blog until I was asked to join a group blog about a week ago. They say the mind is the first to go.

Another sign of old age is speaking your mind. Be prepared world, my mind may be on the way out, but it will go a piece at a time. :)

The first piece will go to the person who wrote to me indicating that the rules and regulations on this site that I run (Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness) doesn't apply to her. It is always amazing to me when folks feel they are above the "law."

Which brings me to my biggest beef of all -- our current administration. It seems to me they don't really care about the law of the land, except when it suits them of course. Yes, I want them to use every means possible to protect us from another attack from those who would do so, but I would like to see them do it legally.


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