Thursday, February 23, 2006

24 Hours?

I am sure that when the figure 24 hours would be enough in any person's life did not contemplate that some of us would not find that enough. It is even worse when you are older and slowing down. Heck, for me, I don't think 30 hours would even help me out.

Finding the time to even get to the store to purchase something as trivial (only in the mind of the beholder) as birthday cards or any other type of greeting cards can turn into a chore. Don't get me wrong birthday, anniversary or any other event that calls for sending cards is not trivial nor a chore, just remembering dates and getting to a store are. I was really and truly excited when I found this site online that sends out paper cards for you. Why not e-cards? I have a lot of friends and relatives who either are not on a computer, or don't like e-cards (not personal enough I guess). My discovered website has a wide selection of cards available for you to choose from, they will also address the envelope, attach a postage stamp (free with purchase of card) and drop them in the mailbox for you.

Akkkk! I best close this out for the day, I need to take some time to do something trivial. It is called eating, right now my stomach thinks my throat has been cut.

Until next time. . . .


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