Friday, February 24, 2006

Researching your roots?

I have been researching my roots for only about 11 years now. Some may think that is a long time, while others will think I just got started. The hobby of genealogy has been around for many, many, many years. Look at all the begats in the Bible to get an idea of how long tracing one's roots has been around.

Oh, gee, speaking of Bible. I can trace my lineage back to Adam and Eve, with documentation to prove it. Guess I should clarify that just a bit. The Adam and Eve I am referring to are Johannes Hans (aka Adam) Biebel and Maria Eva Müller (aka Eve). These two ancestors came from the Alsacian area of what is now France to this side of the big pond in 1750. Their last name was anglicized to BIBLE sometime after arrival. You can find out more about this facinating family by going to the "Bible Family" website (link provided in the sidebar).

Adam and Eve's son, Christian, is my next ancestor in this line. He and 2 of his brothers wound up in Greene County Tennessee around 1792. These Bible's and many of my other ancestors can be found on the earliest tax lists. My roots are firmly implanted in East Tennessee, not only in Greene County, but Jefferson County as well. I have a lot of research help materials at my Greene County TN Genealogy website (also linked in the sidebar). My parents were the first to leave the area as my Dad joined the military. They have never returned to live there. I was born there, but was about 18 months old when I left. It is a shame, though, as each time I go back to Greene County I feel like I am home. I keep saying "one of these days," but doubt that will ever happen.

I guess I am in a reminicent mood these days. I think about Tennessee often. The region Greene and Jefferson County are located are about the most beautiful areas I know of. If you have ancestors that were in that area check out Bridgett's Gene Joint (link in sidebar). I have my ancestry online, who knows we may be distant cousins.


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