Thursday, January 04, 2007

The hate letters you love to get

This morning I opened up my e-mail software to find a message that begins with .... I hate you. I thought what a rude awakening.

Here's the message (posted with approval from sender)

Hi Bridgett,
Just so you know, I hate you.... I ordered that wonderful RAOGK long sleeve T-shirt, which was perfect and worked out just as I knew it would under my XL roots run deep hoodie. When I was out shooting pictures on the day before new Year's Day, it was 32 degrees, but I was toasty. The hoodie pouch was perfect for my keys and cell phone, and since I got the XL hoodie it came down past my rear end, but didn't restrict my stooping and crouching to take pictures.

So, after all that, why do I hate you? You have a roots run in PA long sleeve navy blue T-Shirt, and I never noticed it. Now, before I go home to PA again, I am going to have to order one....
For those who don't know me, I am the Owner/Administrator for the genealogy lookup site called Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK) . This site is a free to use site, not a subscription site. We have been on the Internet since March 1999. Our funding for keeping the site online come from the kindly contributions sent in by satisfied users and volunteers alike and our shops. If you would like to read what we are all about, check out our about us page.

Our volunteers had been requesting something they could use to either handout or wear that would indicate they were volunteers. In March 2005 the RAOGK Logo Shop was opened on Knowing that other genealogists may not want items with the RAOGK Logo on it, I then opened up another shop called Genealogy For You with humorus genealogy sayings and various genealogy designs.

The designs and products this customer is talking about was first put online in mid-September. At which time she bought:

However, the Long Sleeve T-Shirt she now must have, became a new product around the end of October (thus the reason why she did not see it when she placed her first order).

I've had many letters from satisfied customers, but this was the first that started out stating they hated me. Check our shops out, am sure there must be a product to fit your needs with a design that you will like. Besides t-shirts we offer mugs, tote bags, bumper stickers, mugs, children's apparel, calendars, etc.

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