Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

In checking out the stats for my shop, Genealogy For You I noticed a site that linked to the shop and someone had clicked on that link. The site was a blog belonging to a friend of mine. I didn't know she even had one. So I began reading.

I saw her posts regarding Thursday Thirteen and remembered that was something I was going to post about, way back in March or April of this year. So now before I forget, I'll write up my first Thursday Thirteen post. My first post will be a list of 13 subjects I might blog on future Thursday's. More as a reminder to myself than anything else.

13 Future Thursday Thirteen Posts:

  1. 13 Things about me

  2. 13 great reasons for having Genealogy as a hobby, what else?

  3. 13 good reasons for having a Cairn Terriers

  4. 13 reasons for NOT having a Cairn Terrier

  5. 13 reasons this administration stinks could be more than 13

  6. 13 Favorite songs

  7. 13 Websites I visit most

  8. 13 reasons why I married my hubby

  9. 13 Favorite Shops on

  10. 13 computer programs I can't live without (PC)

  11. 13 reasons why I find blogging hard

  12. 13 reasons why I do what I do, whatever it is I do at the moment

  13. 13 probably totally related topices

Well there's my list, FWIW, now I'll need a reminder to come here next Thursday to do another Thursday Thirteen Post.

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