Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmastime and Genealogy

This time of the year is great for expanding on your family tree. Why, because of family gatherings. These gatherings are remembered and cherished throughout one's lifetime. Throughout the year you visit with your extended family, but at Christmas time thoughts of past Christmases are always remembered. With the elderly, this would be a fantastic time to ask them about their Christmases past, who was there and any little thing they can remember about them.

One thing to remember, if you are reading this and have not gotten bitten by the genealogy bug yet, you may someday. Each and every elderly person when they pass on is equal to a library burning. This library is a window to your past. Even if you never decide to research your roots, what marvelous stories you have to tell your own children when they ask 'what was great grandpa like?'

My Dad tells stories of my mother's grandfather and his method of dealing with cars and their clutches. He said you could always tell when Grandpa Jones (that is right, I have Jones in my family tree) was coming to visit. You could hear him a mile off, as he didn't use the clutch in the car, just changed the gears.

Tales like that come out at family gatherings and I think much more so when the time is right for memories, like this time of the year.

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We have tile coasters listing what genealogists wish for, whether at Christmastime or any other time of the year:

Some of us are really addicted, and you will find us at our computer everyday working deligently trying to complete our family tree.

Oh, remember those family gatherings above? There are really great, but when you are hosting them sometimes you really do wish everyone would go home. Not to be mean, but just to have your life back to what was once normal. You might want to display a hint or two of the fact that your favorite Christmas Lights just could be taillights.

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