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Growing up with music

I am a child of the 1950's and 1960's. My taste in music was formed during those years. I think I got out of listening to music that was currently popular after 1985. I don't know whether it was because I was in my 30's or the kind of music being presented, but after that time period, my interest in listening to music wanned.

Digging down in the recesses of my memory, I think the first song that I remember as being 'popular' was a song called "The Green Door" (lyrics). This came out when I was all of 9 years old, and I probably heard it because my mother may have had a record of it.

I remember when Elvis Presley first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show (late 1956) and was really embarrassed by his gyrations. For once this was my opinion and not a reaction to the adults around me. That made such an impression on me, to this day there is probably only one song that I like that Elvis sung. Couldn't tell you the name of it though.

When trying to come up with topics to blog about for Thursday Thirteen I listed 13 favorite songs. But sitting here thinking about all the songs I've heard and enjoyed the list would be quite a bit longer than 13. Thinking about "The Green Door" and Elvis made me realize just how many artists there have been since 1956, and how many songs I've grown to really and truly like. I now don't know whether to make my list of favorite artists along with songs I enjoyed them singing, or just how to do this Thursday Thirteen. So if you care to read further, I believe it will probably be a very unorganized list, and probably full of surprises. Down memory lane anyone?

  1. Some absolutely mind boggling silly songs: "Purple People Eater," "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah," most anything by Ray Stevens (including "The Streak", "Ahab the Arab," "Gitarzan," and "Along Came Jones."), "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa,"Alley Oop." I could go on but you can view one person's list of 100 Greatest Novelty Songs, I must agree with him.

  2. A singer who passed on too early for his time on earth was Jim Croce. I don't know anyone who didn't just fall in love with his "Time In a Bottle" record. Another favorite of his was "Photographs & Memories." ::sigh:: such a loss.

  3. The first pop artist I really and truly drooled over going into my teenage years was Jimmy Clanton. Bet most don't remember him. He recorded such songs as "Go, Jimmy Go" and "Venus in Blue Jeans." This is what the Museum of the Gulf Coast has to say about him.

  4. Those of my generation will remember the music of the Mamas and Papas, The Lovin' Spoonful, Doobie Bros. and Creedence Clearwater Revival to name a few.

  5. I remember the song "Country Roads" by John Denver as it has a special meaning for me. The same year it was popular was the year one of my grandmothers had passed on. I traveled by bus from Richmond, Virginia to Greene County, TN for her funeral. Yes I know the lyrics say West Virginia, but my country roads were located in TN and I was going home.

  6. I have been a fan of Neil Diamond since the late 1960's. One thing I have found out over the past 40 years about Neil Diamond is that there is no middle ground with him. Either you like him or you don't. In 1980 he recorded a song called "America" (aka "Coming to America" or "They're Coming to America"). I had a cassette tape with that song on it and each time my husband was coming home from a cruise, I would play that over and over on the way to the pier. This song had nothing to do with sailors coming home from the sea, but had a lot to do with coming home.

  7. Oh heck, this little ditty just crossed my mind. "Running Bear" by Johnny Preston. Another. . ."Big John" by Jimmy Dean (used to drive our preacher crazy when we played it at teen dances in the church hall).

  8. Air Supply, a group from down under, had a song called "Making Love Out of Nothing at All." I had an album with this number on it. My (at the time) 15 year old daughter and I had a hobby of trying to get words to songs through playing it over and over again. My baby was 3 at the time and usually a very well behaved little one. One afternoon, eldest daughter and I decided one more time to see if we could get this one little phrase on that song. When I picked up the album (still in its jacket) to do so, my little 3 year old grabbed it, and ran as fast as her little legs could carry her hollering "no mo" "no mo" down the hallway, and tossed it under the bed. The memory of this still brings a chuckle.

  9. Then there was the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, the Safaris with the drum pounding song called "Wipe Out."

  10. Some people tell me I am strange, you should see eyes roll when I admit I liked disco and loved the BeeGees.

  11. There are not too many songs Cher has recorded that I don't like. Maybe one or two. But sure wish I had her looks and energy, she makes me feel old, we are the same age.

  12. With the holidays coming up I always think about Brenda Lee's "Rockin' 'round the Christmas Tree." What about oldies but goodies "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus" or "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front Teeth" or best of all "White Christmas".

  13. I know there are so many more songs and artists I can write about. However, my memory is not the greatest and I know the second I hit "publish" on this post I'll think of them. To make this a legal #13 on my list, I guess I should list one more song. How about "God Bless America." ?

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Blogger Valorie Zimmerman said...

I just bought The Best of the Mamas and the Papas on CD. I had the record with all of them in the tub, remember that? But I can no longer get to my turntable, as it is covered by my CD player! Just like history has left records behind, so has my actual life. I miss them!

9/11/06 2:29 AM  

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